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About Sugam Chemicals: Chemical Manufacturer in India

Sugam Chemicals is one of the top chemical manufacturer in India ,is managed by technocrats. Sugam Chemicals have over four decades of experience and proven expertise in R& D and technical services. This long experience in turn has charged bussiness orientation with enterpreneurial flavor.

Sugam Chemicals is located at Tarapur MIDC(Maharastra Industrial Development Corporation),It is around 100 km away from mumbai airport, Mumbai(India).

Sugam Chemicals think about in "customer delight" and assures you for high quality services and sustained support for JIT purchases.

Our long experience in the field and desire to translate the same in terms of service, give assurance to our customers to formulate their and products with confidence.

We remain abide by our flexibility in scheduling product mix and production to meet your requirement including tailor made demands at all times to come.

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